About ERF

Our mission is to advance excellence in health care through the support of education and research in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging by provision of grants and awards.

Behind every advance in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease is an investment in painstaking research.  The Education and Research Foundation for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (ERF) has unparalled expertise in funding the most promising minds in our field. 

We secure, invest and distribute funding to support rigorously vetted physicians, scientists and technologists in the pursuit of advanced academic studies or breakthrough discoveries in the fields of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.  We are the leading source of private philanthropic financial support focused exclusively on education and research programs in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. 

This allows us to help launch careers by providing early and essential financial support that 1) allows physicians, scientists and technologists to conduct pilot research and 2) makes it possible for students and trainees to expand their knowledge base through educational activities or rigorous academic study.