2017-2018 Committee Assignments

Education and Research Foundation Board of Directors
2017-2018 Committee Assignments


Executive Committee

Robert Atcher: President
Frances Keech: Vice President
Rusty Lavely: Treasurer
Hazem Chehabi: Past President

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Peggy Squires
Roy Brown
Robert Carretta
James Woolfenden
Peter Kirchner

Cassen Fund Committee

Chair: President, Robert Atcher
Treasurer: Rusty Lavely
Chair, SNMMI Awards Committee: Hossein Jadvar
At least 3 appointed members
Frances Keech
Alan Waxman
James Woolfenden 

Board Development Committee

Chair: Rusty Lavely
Peggy Squires
Robert Atcher
Frances Keech

Cassen Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee

Chair: Bob Atcher
Pat Zanzonico
Barry Siegel
Jeanne Link
Janis O'Malley

Finance Committee

Chair: ERF Treasurer, Rusty Lavely
ERF President & Vice President (ex-officio)
At least 2 appointed members
Roy Brown 
Brad Pounds

Fundraising Committee

Chair: Peter Conti
Roy Brown
Rusty Lavely
Susan Welch

Accountant and Auditors

Mann, Weitz and Associates
Accountant: Wendy Thompson
Auditor: Sherrie Feinstein