2016 Awardees

2016 Award Winners

2016 Susan C. Weiss Clinical Advancement Scholarship

Sara Smith

2016 Bradley-Alavi Student Fellowship

Anna Li
Lucy Liu
Miguel Toro

2016 Paul Cole Technologist Scholarship

Sean Ayres
Peter Baginski
Shelby Bryant
John Bullock
Sean Cartee
Lacey Ellingson
Leah Filzen
Katie Grace
Manpreet Heir
Daniel Wilson

JNMT Best Paper Awards

Joanna doMar F. Machado
Priyanka Jha and Bijan Bijan
Troels Joergensen and Susanne Haase Hanson

JNM Best Paper Travel

Filippo Galli
Ludmila Guralnik and Radu Rozenberg
Carity Wayua
Martina Weineisen

2016 Arthur M. Weis, PhD, Award in Radiation Dosimetry and Safety

Wentao Zhu, PhD

2016 SNMMI Travel Awards

Allen Brooks, MD
Christopher England, PhD
Saeid Gholami, MD
Shreya Goel
Nicolas Guehl
Nobuyuki Hayakawa, MD, PhD
Sina Houshmand, MD
Nicolas Karakatsanis, PhD
Esther Mena, MD
Andrew Mossine, PhD
Sara Sheikhbahaei, MD, MPH
Hector Valdovinos, MS
Rudolf A. Werner, MD

2016 SNMMI-TS Technologist Travel Awards (CNMT)

Shelley Acuff
Geoff Currie
Krystle Glasgow
Lyndsi Hay
Dawn Holley
Holly Karsch
Paul Riley
Martin Schmitt
Alan Stuckey
Thuy Tran
Douglass Vines

2016 SNMMI-TS Student Travel Awards

Kathryn Adams
Nicole Beaulieu
Kaitlin Brown
Melissa Cohen
Nicolette Devito
Alexandria Fockler
Ashley Gendron
Michelle Kilby
Bryanna Koehnle
Greg Lanik
Abby LeBrun
Stewart Miller
Erin Mustain
Bryant Olsen
Angela Perugini
Sara Pigmon
Vivian Rodriguez
Britton Spiegel
Kathryn Van Schyndel
Kelcie Welch
Taylor Wyman
Rafal Zieba

Michael Welch Post-Doctoral Travel Grant Award

Dr. So-Jeong Lee

Michael J. Welch, PhD, Award

Robert Dannals, PhD

CMIIT Scientific Lab Professional (SLP)

Joseph Latoche
Leonard Mason
Lisa Muench

Marc Tetalman Award

Thomas Hope, MD

2016-2017 Mitzi & William Blahd, MD, Pilot Research Grant

Rebbeca Ann Dumont Walter/UCSF Neuroradiolgoy

2016 Outstanding Technologist

Lynne Roy

2016 Outstanding Educator

Crystal Botkin

YIA Award/BIC Counci/Center

Jenny Ceccarini
Leonardo Laccarino
Gil Leurquin-Sterk
Marcus Unterrainer
Patrick Worhunsky

YIA Award Basic/CVC Council/ Center

Christopher England
Carols Perez-Mendia
Yoann Petibon

YIA Award Clinical/CVC Council/Center

Thorston Derlin
Xiang Li
Ines Valenta

YIA Award/CalC Council/Center

Srilalan Krishnamoorthy
Sandra Van Der Velden
Catriona Wimberly
Elena Maria Zannoni
Wentao Zhu

YIA Award RPSC Council/Center

Reinier Hernandez
Daijuan Huang
Andrew Mossine
Adam Rosenburg
Sushil Tripathi
Lu Wang
ChenChen Zhang

YIA Award CMIIT Council/Center

Hao Chen
Matthias Eiber
Eric Price

YIA Award Therapy Council/Center

Sarah Cheal
Matthias Eiber
Anne Segolene Cottereau

Technologist Best Oral Abstract

Paul Riley
Martin Schmitt
Ed Sims

Technologist Best Cardiovascular Oral Abstract

Geoffrey Currie
Laura Fohne
Martin Schmitt

Technologist Best Therapy/Nuclear Oncology Oral Abstract

Lisa Dunnwald

Technologist Best PET Oral Abstract

Martin Schmitt

Technologist Best Student Oral Abstract

Bryanna Koehnle
Jena-Lee McKee
Sarah Pigmon

Technologist Best Student Therapy/Nuclear Oncology Abstract

Kelcie Welch

Technologist Best Poster Award

Amanda Abbott
Judy Gabrys
Bineyam Gebrewold

2016 Ursula Mary Kocemba-Slosky, PhD, Professional Relations Fellow

Katherine Zukotynski, MD

2016 Paul C. Aebersold Award

Peter Conti, MD, PhD, FACNM

2016 Loevinger-Berman Award

Joseph O'Donoghue, PhD

2016 Robert E. Henkin, MD, Government Relations Fellowship

Thomas Hope, MD

Prashant Josepalem

2016 Hyman-Ghesani Education Award

Tee Yin Tracy Teo

2016 Alavi-Mandell Award

Alexander Antoniou
Geor Bakker
Casper Beijst
Martina Benesova
Francesco Blasi
Bjorn A. Blomberg
Sarah Bohndiek
Rebecca Buetof
Anneieen Bykers
Keelan Byme
Kristell Chatalic
Yin Chen
Simone Dalm
Bart de Laat
Matthias Eiber
Patrik Fazio
Wolfgang Fendler
Francesco Fiz
Daniela Franz
Euphemia Froklage
Sofia Frost
Sebastian Fuerst
Filippo Galli
Elisabetta Grecchi
Henrik Gutte
Bo Halle
Pedram Heidari
Jacob Hoogendam
Harun Iihan
Elena Incerti
Oleksandra Ivashchnko
Per Jensen
Yui Kaneko
Dong-Yeon Kim
Mai Kim
Martin King|
Elisabeth Klupp
Aron Krizsan
Jianbo Li
Yi Li
Chao Lin
Haiming Luo
Florian Maier
Tobias Maier
Richard Manber
Mohd Mansor
Charles Marcus
Carlos Medina
Joshua Morigi
James Nagarajah
Adjimal Nahimi
Felix Nensa
Mikael Palner
Qingqing Pan
Daniel Paulus
Matthieu Pelletier-Galarneau
Bruno Pinto de Oliveira
Jip Prince
Isabel Rauscher
Steven Rowe
Bert-Ralm Sah
Sixiang Shi
Richard Tavare
Euguene Teoh
James Thackeray
Pradeep Thapa
Oskar Timmermand
Anouk van Berkel
Charlotte van der Vos
Michael van Kruchten
Eline Verwer
Rudolf A. Werner, MD
Martina Wirtz
Raiyan Zaman
Guojing Zhang

The Benedict Cassen Prize

The Benedict Cassen Prize is awarded in recognition of outstanding achievement and work leading to a major advance in nuclear medicine science. The prize award is $25,000 and is only offered every other year (even years).

This prestigious prize is named in honor of the late physicist Benedict Cassen, whose invention, the rectilinear scanner, first brought the ability to image patients to nuclear medicine. His widow, Mary Wylie Cassen, made a bequest to the Foundation to establish a major award. The awarding of this prize is in recognition of outstanding achievement is essential to encourage development and growth in nuclear medicine.

Award Recipients

1994 - Hal O. Anger, B.S., D.Sc. (Hon.), for his invention of the scintillation camera.

1996 - David E. Kuhl, M.D., for his development of emission reconstruction tomography and quantitative measurements of brain physiology.

1998 - Henry N. Wagner, Jr., M.D., for his many contributions to Nuclear Medicine as a scientist, teacher and clinician.

2000 - Sally J. DeNardo, M.D., and Gerald L. DeNardo, M.D., for their fundamental contributions to present and future medical care through work in developing radiolabelled antibodies and contributions to the radioimmunotherapy of cancer.

2002 - Michael E. Phelps, PhD., for his exceptional involvement and work to translate PET science into clinical medical practice.

2004 - Michael J. Welch, PhD., for his work on rapid synthesis of positron-labeled organic chemicals which were of vital importance in the application of PET technology’s application to diagnostic medicine.

2006 - Alexander Gottschalk, M.D., for his pioneer work in the clinical applications of the Anger gamma camera and the use of Technetium radiotracers.

2008 - Mathew Thakur, PhD., for his original and major advances in the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals that have led nuclear medicine to play a major role in the management of patients with infections, vascular thromboembolism, and cancer.

2010 - Sung-Cheng (Henry) Huang, D.Sc., for his scholarship in applying biomathematics to the development & application of tracer kinetic models used as imaging assays of biological process in vivo with PET, from basic to clinical sciences.

2012 - Abass Alavi, MD, MD(Hon), PhD(Hon), DSc(Hon), for his contributions to the development of modern imaging techniques including Positron Emission Tomography, as revolutionary tools for conducting basic science research and improving patient care.

2012 - Steven M. Larson, M.D., for his research and leadership that have advanced nuclear medicine science, especially in uses of radionuclides for diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

2014 - Barry A. Siegel, M.D., for his sustained contributions to clinical translation of nuclear medicine science and, in particular, his visionary leadership in developing scientific methodology for evidence-based clinical trials that resulted in widespread acceptance of imaging studies using positron emission tomography.

2016 - H. William Strauss, M.D., in recognition of his seminal studies in cardiovascular nuclear medicine. These studies have greatly advanced nuclear medicine science and have had exceptionally high clinical impact.

The Benedict Cassen Postdoctoral Fellowship  

This grant was established by the Estates of Benedict Cassen and Mary Wiley Balfour Cassen to provide early-career scientists with mentoring experience and the opportunity to develop preliminary data for federal or other competitive research support. The grant will provide support for the postdoctoral fellow to carry out the research under the supervision of the junior faculty member with the assistance of a senior faculty member or principal investigator.

2014 - Marc David Normandin, PhD, Instructor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School Assistant in Physics, Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Radiology.

Georges El Fakhri, PhD, DABR, Director, Center for Advanced Medical Imaging Sciences (CAMIS), Co-Director, Division of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging, Professor of Radiology Harvard Medical School is Dr. Normandin’s advisor.

2015 - Kyle Lapidus, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Director of Neuromodulation, Stony Brook University, Department of Psychiatry.

Ramin Parsey, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychiatry, Director of PET Research, Stoney Brook School of Medicine, is advisor to Dr. Lapidus.

The Alexander Gottschalk Award for the best SNMMI abstract on Clinical Oncology PET presented by an MD of a country member of the ALASBIMN (Latino-American Society of Biology and Nuclear Medicine)

Omar Alonso, Prospective comparison of 11C-Choline versus 68Ga-PSMA using a tri-modality PET/CT-MR system for the diagnosis of prostate cancer patients with biochemical recurrence

The Drs. Tapan K. Chaudhuri and Tuhin K. Chaudhuri Award for Best SNMMI Abstract in Breast Cancer Research

Raychel Castillo, 18F-FDG PET/CT for Systemic Staging of Newly Diagnosed Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)

2014 Award Winners

2015 Award Winners