Why Contribute?

ERF launches careers of physicians, scientists and technologists by providing early and essential financial support. These funds allow for cutting edge pilot research and make it possible for students and trainees to expand their knowledge base through educational activities or rigorous academic study.

Without pilot research funding in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, physicians, scientists and technologists will either not be able to enter the field, or be forced to leave it. Similar funding outside of ERF is at an all-time low because of budget cuts within both federal agencies and private institutions. A lack of funding jeopardizes innovation in these fields that have a direct impact on the advancement of improved diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Ways to Give

Annual Fund for the Future:

100% of donations made to the ERF Annual Fund go to SNMMI Grants, Awards, and Scholarships for members.

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For over four decades ERF has supported the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Grants, Awards and Scholarship program. With the exception of two Professional Development and Education Fund (PDEF) Awards, ERF is the sole source of the SNMMI Grants Program. 100% of gifts go to support:

  • Major Research Grants
    • SNMMI Molecular Imaging Research Grant for a Junior Academic Faculty
    • SNMMI Postdoctoral Molecular Imaging Scholar Program
    • SNMMI Predoctoral Molecular Imaging Scholar Program
  • Merit
    • Young Investigator (Council) Award
    • CMIIT Laboratory Professionals Awards
    • Loevinger Berman Award (MIRD Committee)
    • Michael Welch Award (RPSC)
    • Art Weis Abstract Award
  • Education Awards
    • SNMMI Bradley-Alavi Student Fellowship
  • Travel Awards
    • SNMMI Travel Awards
    • JNM YIA Best Paper Travel Awards
  • Technologist Awards: Restricted Funds
    • Paul Cole Technologist Scholarship
    • Susan C. Weiss Clinical Advancement Scholarship
  • Technologist Awards: Travel Awards
    • SNMMI-TS Travel and Student Travel Awards
    • Tech Travel to World Federation
  • Technologist Awards: Merit Awards
    • JNMT Best Paper
    • Outstanding Tech and Educator Awards
    • Abstract Awards
  • Technologist Awards: Education Awards
    • SNMMI-TS Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship
    • SNMMI-TS Advanced Practitioner Scholarship
  • SNMMI-TS Master’s Program

The Paul Cole Technologist Endowed Scholarship Fund

This hallmark program funded by ERF helps to support students who continue to pursue their dreams in the nuclear medicine profession. 100% of donations go directly to SNMMI-TS to support Paul Cole Scholarship winners.

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Established in the memory of Paul Cole, a champion of student education and former president of the SNMTS the scholarships are based on financial need, academic performance and program director recommendations. Nearly 200 technologist students demonstrating academic excellence and financial needs have received assistance through the ERF’s Paul Cole Scholarship and have completed their certificate, associate or bachelor’s degrees.

Legacy Giving Through Estate Planning

Considering a planned gift allows you to support ERF while providing you a way to redirect your taxes to benefit your family, your community and a mission to which we are all dedicated. Visit the ERF Legacy Club site to learn more:  ERF Legacy Club

Endowed Scholarships Program

An endowed scholarship provides a permanent and personal way for you to make a difference in the life of a budding physician, researcher or technologist. Your gift can help our awardees turn their dreams into reality, now and into the future. Contact us at 402.507.5125 to further discuss establishing your fund.


The ACNM Fund is made up of gifts from ACNM's loyal members, supporters, and friends. One hundred percent of these contributions benefit ACNM members and residents, paying for grants, awards, stipends and scholarships to advance their education, training and research objectives. 

The Curie Fund For Women in Leadership

The Madame Marie Curie Fellowship has been created to help women advance to major administrative positions in academia (chairs of departments, deans, etc.) and/or leadership positions within a professional society such as SNMMI.

The Fellowship will fund registration and travel-related costs up to $5,000 for the recipient to attend a professional development seminar/or similar for early to mid-career women faculty with potential for leadership.

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It is essential that the field of medicine reflects the diverse community that it serves. Sadly, when it comes to women in leadership, it does not. Although there has been a continuous increase in the number of women working in the field of medicine, women rarely reach the highest academic positions as full professors or editorial board members. In fact, despite the fact that women make up approximately half of all medical students and residents and one‐third of full‐time faculty, women remain underrepresented in leadership positions. 

The picture does not change when it comes to NM/MI’s professional associations; the SNMMI has had only three female presidents in its sixty-year history. It is critical that women who aspire to leadership positions within their institutions or within the Society gain access to training and networking opportunities that will equip them for the voyage to do so.

Several senior women members of the SNMMI have come forward to establish the Curie Women in Leadership Fund to ensure that access to such opportunities is there for the next generation.  Consider joining us.  

Founder’s Circle

$10,000 (payable over 5 years)

Leadership Circle: 

$5,000 - $9,999 (payable over 5 years)



All donors will be invited to an exclusive investment-planning seminar by women for women. 

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